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KCD is the leading fashion services agency worldwide.
For 35 years, we have set industry standards. Our point of difference?
Our unquestionable credibility and our unparalleled range of expertise spanning media relations, creative services, digital, entertainment, technology and consulting.

Our Approach

We partner with our clients and take a highly strategic and creative approach to programs and projects with the goal of setting an inspiring vision that we implement through our five divisions. We are known for consistently executing programs and projects at the highest levels.

Our Leaders and Employees

KCD’s seven global partners average 15 plus years of employment and work closely with Co-Chairmen Ed Filipowski and Julie Mannion, who have been with the agency since its founding in 1984. The agency is staffed with over 100 employees worldwide in its New York, London and Paris offices.

In 2017, the agency's U.S. headquarters, in a progressive move, transitioned to an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) effectively making KCD the only fashion services agency owned by its employees.

KCD’s founders were a trio of fashion icons: the late Kezia Keeble, one of the first superstylists of the industry, the late John Duka, former fashion critic for the New York Times, and today’s leading editor and stylist Paul Cavaco. The mentorship they provided to the current co-chairs and partners stays with the agency to this day.

Ed Filipowski
Julie Mannion
Renee Barletta
Marty Griffeth
Partner, Global Finance Director
Laurence Laure
Partner, Managing Director KCD Paris
Nan Richards
Partner, Managing Director KCD London
Jarrad Serafine-Clark
Partner, Creative Services Director
Rachna Shah
Partner, Managing Director Media and Digital
Kerry Youmans

Our Network

New York Headquarters

Newly located at 475 Tenth Avenue in the urban renewal development of Hudson Yards, a major retail, corporate and cultural center in Midtown West. The office features Showroom 475, an agency suite available for designer and brand activities.

Los Angeles

KCD also operates a base in Los Angeles offering a range of specialized services including event management, celebrity and VIP dressing and regional media services.

Paris European Office

The office is situated at 13 rue du Mail in the 2nd arrondissement, the business, media and textile district of Paris. The office features Showroom 13, an agency suite available for designer and brand activities.

London International Office

Located in Fitzrovia, at 118 Great Titchfield Street, an eclectic London neighborhood. The office features Showroom 118, an agency suite available for designer and brand activities.

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